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I moved to Australia from France in 1994 to follow my heart and marry the man of my life, because I was a rebel driven by freedom, and I wanted more.

I became a wife, a mother, a homeopath, I let go of the fun passionate ski instructor I was before and I lost myself in trying to fit the Aussie model; to fit in my new life.

I compromised over and over, without being aware of what I was creating for myself. I found safety, in my marriage, my home, a calm suburb, a predictable life.

I loved what I created, I had it all until I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started to question? What happened to my life?

I started my healing journey by healing my body, my mind, my soul and finally connecting with my spirit.

Now, I am a warrior of light, fully expressed and alive, opening myself to magic, embracing the mythical and the miraculous. I shine my light, fearless, bright and true.

My mission is to help you shine your light to your full potential, with ease, flow and grace.

Annabelle Merriman

Amazon Best Selling author

Sacred Rebel: Women Who Dare to Disrupt

27 Stories of female leaders, visionaries and change makers who are disrupting the old outdated ways of operating in life and business.

Navigating the Clickety Clack, How to live a peace filled life in this seemingly toxic world.

And the Dream Goes On...

I am so excited to be a featured author of Navigating the Clickety Clack: How to Live a Peace-Filled Life in a Toxic World

(Volume 3).

Also featured in the book are NY Times Bestselling Authors and Featured Teachers from the hit movie, The Secret, Dr. John Demartini and Michael Beckwith. Inspiring stories, with practical tools to help you navigate difficult times.

Warriors Of Light,

Leaders of the Great Awakening

Our world is at an inflection point: we are being propelled into a new timeline. We are converging at two very specific, and different timelines. The Timeline of Love, and the timeline of Fear.

In our modern world, the fear of death, the fear of darkness, keeps us unconscious, running the program of society, frozen in this man-made world. A world of control and repression: where we give our power away unaware. Imagine being at the top of a hill, terrified to jump, only to find that when you take the leap, it was only fear! Valuing man-made resources, taking the earth for granted and sabotaging ancient teachings of how to live in love and harmony.

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